You are viewing Contact us which shows you how to contact us. It is provided to help you talk to us about the issues you are having at the PUBG online game website. It also allows you to share your feedback with us. Do not hesitate to tell us these things as we are always available to answer all your questions and suggestions.

When do you need to contact us?

Whenever you want, feel free to send email to us. But make sure your contact makes sense. For example, you want to ask us to fix some bugs, or suggest new games, or ask questions related to terms of use, privacy policy … Also, if you feel that we are not good in this aspect. you can immediately send email to us to express your opinion. Our team is always available to solve any issues related to the user experience. Your contribution is our honor to build a healthy playing field together.

Information about PUBG online can be found on our website. Contact us at