Download PUBG Mobile: How To Do It On Ios And Android

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If you want to play PUBG Mobile but do not know how to download it, we are here to help you know the basic ways to dowload PUBG Mobile on two standards.

Many of you will want to know how to download PUBG Mobile. This game PUBG Mobile is one of the most interesting games for those people who are addicted to the type of survival game. It is a very famous Battle Royale game, published both on iOS and Android. But do you know how to download PUBG Mobile? So on this page, there are some PUBG Mobile ways.

How to get PUBG Mobile iOS

If you first use iOS, it will make you confused when you find out how to download PUBG Mobile. You can simply follow these guide that I will list below.

First, you can download most of the apps on AppStore, and most of the apps are also available to download in China. So you need to apply in your Apple Account by using your email address and by your name.

Download PUBG Mobile on iOS is very easy for everyone to do it.
Download PUBG Mobile on iOS is very easy for everyone to do it.

You can change your country when you go to the Account Page and choose Country or Region and then change your country into China. You should fill it all and save it once you have done it, or else it will go back to default.

Download PUBG Mobile iOS

Now, you exit from that page and move to Appstore. You can see the Search Box is above on the screen, click it and then write “PUBG Mobile” in it and press magnified glass to search it. You can also download any other games which are available in the Appstore in China.

Once you search the App, you can download the PUBG which has a new update for PUBG Mobile. You wait for a few minutes for this app to be downloaded.

When finishing, you just need to tap on the icon which will display on your iOS device to play it. You just need to do some tasks and follow PUBG guides before you start playing and enjoy PUBG Mobile.

Ways to get PUBG Mobile Android.

If you do not have any iOS devices, you still can enjoy it through Android devices. Sadly, some modern Android phones now do not have to connect directly to Google Service, in turn, these phones cannot download PUBG from Play Store. However, there are few easy ways for you to download PUBG Mobile without the Play Store.

One popular way is to download APK from the official site

  • First, open the official PUBG Mobile site by type it on the Web or you can follow this link.
  • You will see and choose the APK with size, through the APK download button. Tap it, and it will start downloading in your browser, remember to make sure that you allow Unknown Devices in your Setting.
  • When you finish downloading it, you just need to install it simply.
  • Now you can open PUBG on your phone and enjoy it.
Download PUBG Mobile for Android
Download PUBG Mobile for Android

You also can get PUBG Mobile from Trusted Sites

You can also download it from many other Trusted Sites. For example, I will get PUBG Mobile from APKPure now.

  • First, go to APKPure by type in the Website or follow this link.
  • Search for PUBG mobile, and it will appear in the first result.
  • Just kick the APK button, It will download the latest APK version of PUBG mobile.
  • Finally, when finishing, you just simply store it, and then you can play PUBG Mobile normally.
Download PUBG Mobile APK

I hope these guides I wrote above will help you to download PUBG mobile – one of the best games recently. We are waiting if the publisher of PUBG Mobile is on the way to develop PUBG Mobile 2. If you are interested and want to try it, Let download it and enjoy the game with your friends or your family.

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