SCAR Is A Great Battle Royale Game Like PUBG

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Play SCAR game online for free! Are you in search of a new third-person shooter battle royale game to master? You have come to the right place since SCAR will be the best option for you. It’s a game like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in terms of gameplay. You will love to play SCAR as it’s a free game to master without requiring any download or installations. Thus, play it directly online for free to prove your surviving skills!

What is SCAR game about?

SCAR online is all about epic matches following the battle royale concept. This means there can be only one winner at the end of a match. To that goal, you have to defeat all other players while defending yourself from their attacks. This title is quite similar to a famous battle royale game called PUBG Online. It can be regarded as an alternative to PUBG. Roberto Mulas (aka Ciorbyn) is the developer of SCAR. He launched it in March 2019 as a web-browser game that is free for all.

SCAR Online - a game like PUBG
SCAR Online – a game like PUBG

Tips to play SCAR game

SCAR unblocked is a tough yet challenging battle royale game. Its gameplay mechanic is similar to PUBG and other titles like Rules of Survival,,, etc. Your survivability is all that matters! When you enter a match, you are an unarmed soldier who has to quickly pick up items and gear to battle against other players. There is a variety of weapons with items to collect. Besides, the game features some taunt options. You can choose one and use it when you kill an enemy.

The map in SCAR game is quite open. It features lots of areas to explore. You are free to visit those areas, but make sure you watch your surroundings, or you will get shot. In SCAR online, you can also find a vehicle to improve your movement speed. When you drive it, you can get to the place you want faster. The vehicles come in various types. You can drive some easily, for instance, a buggy, a car, or a quad bike.

You decide the style of play in this title! Before you enter a match, it is important to know what to prepare. It can be either an aggressive style or a calm style. If you want to get more kills, rush into the battle to defeat all enemies. But, if you are too scared and have no confidence in the killing, you should wait, camp at a place, and take a good chance to kill enemies. Whatever you do, you have to keep in mind you must become the last man standing to win. Since there is only one winner, you must play it more carefully!

Controls in SCAR

SCAR has simple controls. However, you should master them well before you play the game.

  • To move or drive a vehicle, you have to use keys on the keyboard, for instance, WASD, arrow keys, or mouse.
  • If you want to walk or run, you use CapsLock.
  • Shift: sprinting
  • Spacebar: rolling
  • “\” or “scroll”: changing weapons
  • G: picking up an item.
  • F: fighting against enemies.
  • R: reloading weapons.
  • E: performing an action.
  • Tab: opening the scoreboard.
  • T: taunting enemies.
  • V: enjoying the visual.

What does SCAR game offer?

Here are great features you can explore in SCAR:

  • Simple yet good graphics and effects
  • Two modes to play
  • Different characters to choose from.
  • A wide range of weapons and items to use.
  • Different vehicles to drive to improve your movement speed.
  • Many great areas to explore.
  • Diverse taunt options to use.
  • Third-person perspective with familiar yet entertaining battle royale gameplay mechanics.


SCAR game might not be the best battle royale game, but you are still recommended to try this title at least once. Besides playing PUBG PC Online, playing SCAR will also help you better your skills. Click to play it for free!

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