PUBG 2 is Developed And Will Be Released This Year!

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PUBG 2 is a comeback with an extremely rising. In 2020, the game that once extremely popular – PUBG has lost the reputation of the title “the most-played Battle Royale game” to Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. But PUBG will never become a “Dead Game”. It still exists and is quite popular with everyday players on Steam. Let’s check out what is new about PUBG 2 right now!

Which company is responsible for developing PUBG 2?

In Asia, PUBG is still a very popular game. The number of people playing this game in China is still very high. Although it not as popular as it used to be, recent news claims that an updated version of PUBG is in development in Korea.

PUBG 2 is in progress and going to come out this year
PUBG 2 is in progress and going to come out this year

Specifically, the news comes from a Korean business newspaper that Krafton, the parent company that owns Bluehole / PUBG Corp, is in the process of developing its next works using PUBG’s previous version. A popular PUBG player by the nickname PlayerIGN also recently reported that the internal PUBG 2 development is “ProjectXTRM”. The developers have been trying to hide the fact that it is a sequel to PUBG. The gamer says that this game will likely be for PCs and next-generation consoles. The simultaneous development of PUBG Mobile 2 could potentially be cross-playable with different platforms.

Accordingly, Bluehole will be responsible for developing PUBG 2. Chinese developer – Tencent will be responsible for developing PUBG Mobile 2. The two companies have worked together to successfully develop the extremely successful PUBG Mobile game before. The current players have dropped to 1 million. But the Battle Royale genre has proven to be a very enduring genre. Apex Legends, Warzone, and Fortnite may have captured the majority of the player base than PUBG. However, there are still gamers who love this game.

This next generation of PUBG will be announced at the end of March 2021

A lot of gamers are curious about how this next generation differs from the rest of the other games as well as its predecessor. Will it be as successful as PUBG in 2017? PUBG’s Creative Director pointed out that last year he wanted PUBG to retain its survival battle. Instead of focusing on shooting like Warzone and Fortnite. Let’s wait for an official announcement by the end of March. Are you all waiting for this brand new version of PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds? Remember to check out regularly!

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