No More Connection Between PUBG Corporation And Tencent Games After The Ban In Ind

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Due to PUBG Mobile ban in India, PUBG decided to cut off with Tencent. Find out why the game was banned and what developers said about the ban!

PUBG ban in India is a top-concern issue in the gaming community of PUBG Mobile. The game has just got a ban in India. Recently, PUBG Corporation said they would take over all the tasks in India. Also, they hope the ban on the game would be lifted.

PUBG Mobile ban is a big loss for PUBG Corporation. This is because the title was the most famous battle royale mobile app game in 2019. In India, the game has gained over 54 million downloads in the first haft year of 2020.

PUBG Mobile India Version
PUBG Mobile India Version

The reason why PUBG was banned in India

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology made an announcement on banning 118 apps from China on September 2, 2020. The ban was also applied to PUBG Mobile. On the official website of PIB, players could read the news about the ban of those apps in India under Section 69A.

PUBG Mobile, as well as other Chinese mobile applications, was prohibited in India – said by the official press release. The reason that led to this ban was those games were harmful to the “sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order.”

Since these apps had a connection to banned activities under the IT Act, the Indian government decided to exclude them. Players cannot download them from the Google Play Store from now.

The reaction of Tencent Games toward the ban on PUBG

Tencent Games – the devs of PUBG Mobile also shared some thoughts on the ban. They said they agreed with the decision of the Indian government. It was important to protect the privacy and data of users. Tencent Games will work with Indian authorities to find the solution to fix the disclosure of user information.

What did PUBG Corporation say about this PUBG ban?

PUBG Corporation said they understood and respected the measures taken by the Indian government. They knew that protecting privacy and users’ data is the top priority. The devs from the company will work with the Indian government to get the best solution to this problem. They hope the government will allow gamers to enter the in-game Battlegrounds one more time while adhering to the laws and regulations of the country.

More information about the PUBG Mobile ban in India that you should know

No more PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite

Tencent Games developed both versions. Hence, the Indian government decided to exclude both versions from the country.

PUBG PC is a substitute for the excluded versions

The PC version of PUBG belongs to PUBG Corporation in Korea. Therefore, Indian gamers can completely play PUBG PC without worrying about the ban. Just make sure your computers meet all the requirements so the game can run smoothly.

Indian gamers can try playing games like PUBG Mobile

There are several games like PUBG Mobile that gamers can still download from the stores on their mobile devices, for instance, Garena Free Fire, Call of Duty: Mobile, etc. They are the best PUBG Mobile alternatives you should try. Give them a try for new experiences!

India is investing in more PUBG alternatives for gamers

India is putting an effort into making more PUBG Mobile-like games so gamers can play to entertain themselves. The Indian government is encouraging more gaming companies in this country to make more Indian mobile games.

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