PUBG Hot Drop Tips: How To Win Top 1 In This Battle Royale Game

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PUBG Hot Drop tips are some guides players can apply when parachuting into a Hot Drop area. Applying these strategies will help you survive in the battle.

PUBG Hot Drop tips when you accidentally choose the landing place is a Hot Drop area. Surely many gamers had to pity back to the lobby when they dropped into the Hot Drop. Although it is an area rich in resources and weapons, PUBG Hot Drop also brings a lot of dangers to the players. If you do not possess a good fighting skill, you at least need to equip these tips to be able to survive when falling into the Hot Drop area.

Why is PUBG Hot Drop such a dangerous area?

First we need to understand what a Hot Drop area means. For PUBG players, the term Hot Drop is certainly no stranger. This term is popularly used by the community not only in PUBG but also for all battle royale games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite … In general, Hot Drop is used to describe hot locations, concentrating many quality items that can help players fully equip the necessary weapons before joining the battle. In PUBG games, Hot Drop areas can be large buildings or cities such as School, Hacienda del Patron, Pochinki (Erangle), Bootcamp, Pecardo (Miramar), Paradise Resort (Sanhok), …

One of Miramar's hottest regions on the map, Del Patron
One of Miramar’s hottest regions on the map, Del Patron

For professional gamers or big-handed players, they tend to choose Hot Drop areas to both entertain, practice and improve personal skills. However, for those new to this battle royale game, jumping down into the PUBG Hot Drop area brings a lot of risks. Since it is a hot area with a high concentration of gamers, new players’ chances of survival are very low. Many gamers accidentally parachuting to these areas will struggle to find weapons or run away when seeing the enemy. With those treatments they can easily be killed by another player. So in order to continue the game you will need a lot of skills. How do you survive if you fall into such hot spots? Let’s find out with many PUBG Hot Drop tips below if you don’t want to have to load the game multiple times.

Try to skydive as quickly as possible is a tip when jumping into PUBG Hot Drop

One of the most basic solutions for players in PUBG is to try to land as fast as possible. Not only for those who fall into the Hot Drop area, you need to practice this skill in all situations. The faster landing will give you the opportunity to gain an edge over other players. This way you have enough time and space to find yourself good guns and items to survive longer in each match. In addition, one of the places most people choose to land is the roof. The higher the roofs will help shorten the player’s landing time. This means they will have more time to loot. There are also often guns on the roof so that players can equip for their battle. Besides, this is also a place that can limit the enemy’s range.

Tips for how to skydive as quickly as possible in a PUBG Hot Drop:

  • The ideal distance to land is 150 meters. Get off the plane while you are about 1200m or more from the jump area. Now pay attention to hold the “shift” so that the character points his head to the ground when 350m to 400m from the point.
  • If the plane is moving in a direction closer than 1200m above the ground, hold shift while it’s 150m.
  • Keep in mind that you must constantly observe the mini map while landing. Remember that each large plot on the map is equal to 1km and the small plot will be treated as 100m. Then, estimate the distance you need to reach before skydiving.
Tips to land as quickly as possible in PUBG game
Tips to land as quickly as possible in PUBG game

Besides, any game should have an element of luck. If you accidentally land in a Hot Drop area with no weapons around, don’t be embarrassed. Calmly search for guns in the surrounding areas. In PUBG games as well as other battle royale games, flexibility is essential.

Choose a weapon for this Battle Royal game

When playing PUBG game, do not expect too much that you will immediately loot a best gun for your own. This depends on the factor of chance. You cannot just wait for luck to come to you, but you must have the right handling. If you can’t find a good gun, take advantage of other weapons around. Many weapons are not the most suitable but will be the only saving factor in the match. Pick them up to gain an upper hand over your opponents. Besides, do not forget to find out in advance how to use all types of guns. The following are the remarkable features of each weapon you’ll find in PUBG:

Melee weapons

Up to now, PUBG game has 4 types of melee weapons with different functions: crowbar, machet, sickle and pan “god”. If you are in a panic and can’t find a gun that is suitable for you, consider using one of these weapons above. They can help you a lot in defeating the enemy. Besides, remember that the pan has the highest damage, the remaining weapons are equal. Prioritize the use of pans in combat. In addition, besides the damage, the pan is also used as a shield behind the back. It can block any type of bullet that hits you. Using melee weapons like pans is a PUBG survival guide that you should consider when jumping into the Hot Drop zone.


It is true that the pistol is not the ultimate weapon but it will be one of the right alternatives when needed. The usefulness of a pistol is like a melee weapon. With pistols, you should only see them as a measure of temporary “fire fighting” during the first 5 minutes of the match. This will be the time when the pistols can maximize their effects. Then if luck survives, find more suitable equipment, quality guns to maintain the game.

Pistols: one of the powerful weapons in the early game
Pistols: one of the powerful weapons in the early game


Like the Pistol, Shotgun is also a good option in the early game. With huge damage, Shotgun is perfect if you want to sweep other opponents. Besides the main strength of damage, Shotgun also has a large weakness with low rate of fire. So you should consider when using Shotgun. Take turns between shooting, hiding, and changing bullets so you don’t get hit by the enemy.

Shotgun with powerful powers and tremendous damage
Shotgun with powerful powers and tremendous damage

Sub-machine gun (SMG)

Despite being a weapon at close range, SMG is quite effective and not inferior to Shotgun. One of the great things about SMGs is the ability to hold multiple ammo. This will help players comfortably shoot without worrying about having to find replacement bullets. In addition, the Sub-machine gun also has a fast rate of fire with a very short shot time interval between two shots. SMGs can also be attached to a lot of accessories and this is one of the points players will love. Many players have used the Sub-machine gun as the main weapon to destroy the enemy beside the sniper rifle.

The Sub-machine is a gun with an extremely fast firing speed
The Sub-machine is a gun with an extremely fast firing speed

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are also known as AR rifles. This is the gun that many people use to fight recently. If you are a PUBG enthusiast, you must be too familiar with the presence of this gun in the fierce battles in PUBG. The AR gun is a medium-long-range weapon, it can hold a considerable amount of ammunition for one use. Besides, high rate of fire and high accuracy are also one of the strong points for players to choose AR instead of sniper rifles in combat.

Assault Rifles - one of the most commonly used guns in PUBG
Assault Rifles – one of the most commonly used guns in PUBG

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are considered the “lord” of strength and range for the majority of PUBG players. If you master this gun, your chances of getting to the top 1 and winning the game are huge. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. The downside of this gun is its slow fire rate and relatively little ammo. So Sniper Rifles are not always the best choice in all situations in this Battle Royal game.

Sniper Rifles with incredible power and range
Sniper Rifles with incredible power and range

Tips for looting quickly in PUBG Hot Drop?

Slow or fast loot is also an important factor affecting survival in crowded areas like Hot Drop. The faster you loot your gun, the more time you’ll have to step into the fight. Conversely, if you loot slowly, you may be shot to death before you can equip your gun to counterattack.

However, the player’s skill will also be the deciding factor in how fast or slow loot items are. You can improve your loot skill in many different ways. Please refer to the PUBG Hot Drop tips of some famous streamers or other articles.

Smart mobility is also a best PUBG survival guide

Like any battle royale game, PUBG players also need a smart move. You should choose for yourself hiding places on high to be able to cover everything around and control the game situation. At this point you will easily calculate the reasonable strategy. In addition, regularly parachuting in crowded areas will also help you find dead corners, learn different movement tactics of other players. From there, you will know where is a safe shelter for yourself as well as the opponent camp in each specific situation. However, your tactics should not be repeated too many times. You should come up with new tactics and change them constantly. This is to avoid being caught by the opponent so they do not make a counterattack. In any case, creativity is always essential.

Pay attention to listen to gunshots, footsteps of other players. This is a very useful way to judge the opponent’s position. Once you can hear the opponent’s verbs clearly, you will know where dangerous places you need to avoid and can even guess the opponent’s strategy. Moreover, you will know what to do next to move properly so that you still have the initiative in hand.

From the data you gather through listening and observing, be extremely strong and assertive. Please calculate a strategy for your next actions. Maybe the decisions you make will be wrong, don’t be afraid to try it. Many times you will have to reload the game because of the wrong decisions. However, through these times you will learn to become more assertive in all situations. This will be better than being angry at being killed by others due to your delay.

Flexible in combat when you jump into a hot area

These Hot Drop Tips are only relative in the survival game genre like PUBG. The most important thing is that you always have to practice flexibility in any match. Accordingly, you must constantly combine with flexible tactical thinking with unexpected face-down shots. That would cause the enemy to be unforeseen and lead to wrong handling.

Besides, do not forget to move back and forth properly so as not to make mistakes. Know when to fight, when to hide and wait for the right moment. When the opponent is low alert or weak, go ahead and destroy them. However, if you are in a hand-to-hand fight with the enemy, find yourself a reasonable backup for defense. Absolutely should not reveal a loophole that easily facilitates the enemy to sneak shot while you are in low health.Those are some PUBG Hot Drop tips for how to survive and win a Battle Royale game such as PUBG game. Hope these tips will be a small part to help players get a more enjoyable experience. For new players, we still recommend that you should choose the safe drops for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds instead of Hot Drop areas. Besides, don’t forget to prepare a spirit of steel to stay calm in all situations. Creating a comfortable gaming atmosphere will make it easier for you to win PUBG.

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