Follow Some Tips And Tricks To Survive In PUBG Online Matches

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PUBG Online tips and tricks help you improve your survivability when you are in a fight against other players fighting for the ultimate Chicken Dinner!

PUBG Online tips help improve players’ survivabilities when they are in Battlegrounds. These tips let you know everything about the game, especially the gameplay mechanics. You cannot go straight into a match without knowing what it is about, right? Therefore, it’s essential to learn some tips and even tricks to win over other players.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is currently a hot pick of gamers when it comes to battle royale genre. It focuses on a crazy and challenging battle where there can be only one winner at the end. Since everyone wants to be the winner, the battle of survival becomes more intense at the later stage. This is when you need to apply tips and tricks to your playstyle to outplay others to vanquish the battlefield.

PUBG Gameplay Tips and Tricks
PUBG Gameplay Tips and Tricks

How to play PUBG online game?

PUBG gameplay is kind of simple to understand but hard to master. 100 players will parachute into an island where they have to fight to survive. Nobody is armed with weapons or equipment yet. Hence, players must rush into buildings to loot items and gear up themselves before entering any gunfights. Most risky zones offer good loot, but you have to be more careful when you are there, or you will be defeated by others. In case you finish a kill, loot items in the defeated enemy’s crate to get more items.

The map shrinks through over time, pushing players closer together. Therefore, you don’t only try to shoot enemies but also protect yourself from your surroundings. Make sure you run away from the blue zone and enter the safe zone in time before you take damage. When there are only a few players left on the Battlegrounds, you must try your best to beat enemies for your ultimate victory – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Online tips and tricks to beat your opponents

PUBG online simple tips to land and use the parachute

Using the parachute to land into an island is the first activity you have to do. Hence, you should mark a landing location then adjust your parachute then land faster. You are recommended to choose a cluster of buildings where you can get good loot if you are a skilled player. But if you are new to the gameplay, it’s best to avoid landing there. So, where to land if you avoid those buildings? You should land in a smaller building that secures enough items to loot, like basic guns, attachments, or even some attachments.

Loot fast but be aware of surroundings

It’s good to loot fast, but make sure the zone you are entering is safe, or at least less combat, or you will be defeated. Also, you should collect suitable items to avoid using up spaces in your backpack. Focus on looting weapons, healing items, attachments, and armor.

PUBG tips to cover yourself in combat

Although buildings in PUBG Online game are good to take cover, they are still dangerous. Someone can throw a grenade into a building if they know you are in there, which ends your game. For a good place to cover, it should be a hill, a ridge, or a dip. When you come there, others will not hit you. Besides, using those places as a cover makes you find it easier to escape.

Another way to take cover is to use bushes. When you sit in a bush, you can take a chance to kill someone that is coming to you. Hiding in a bush also makes you invisible to others. When they don’t see you, they will not shoot you, and this helps save your life.

Your life is all that matters, not the number of kills

Since PUBG Online game is about using guns, throwables, and other melee weapons, players tend to focus on how many enemies they can kill. However, you should know that the game appreciates survival factors. This means that as long as you survive until the end of the match, you will become the winner. The one with the most kills is not always likely to win. The winner is the last one standing on the Battlegrounds.

Don’t forget to use energy drinks and healing items

When you play PUBG online for free, besides weapons, please mind healing items as well. The game comes in some types of drinks and medicine that help you recover your health, for instance, energy drinks, painkillers, first aid kit, Adrenaline Syringe, and Medkit. These items are important in your backpack, especially when you reach toward the late stage of the game. Make sure your health is boosted up so you can have enough strength to fight against others.

When you play PUBG online game with a squad, try to communicate with your squadmates

The game features voice chat. Once you have turned this feature on, you can communicate with your squadmates easily. A squad with clear communication is a good thing when members can plan strategies, share experiences, share loot, as well as support each other during the combat.

PUBG tips to improve your movement speed

It can be kind of useful that you better your movement speed by using a car. Cars in PUBG game online spawn at random places. Hence, if you find out, you should use it to move faster, especially when you are trying to reach the safe zone. The disadvantage that vehicles bring to you is they create sounds, which sparks enemies’ attention.

What you should do when you are in the late stage of the game?

During the endgame, it’s important to watch your surroundings, take cover, and find a good shooting spot to kill others. Toward the late stage of the game, a few players rush to victory! If you defeat an enemy, you should avoid looting crates at the late stage, which is one of the best PUBG online tips to survive. Instead, get to a safe spot where you can observe others coming to the body. This is a chance for you to commit a headshot.

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