PUBG Sanhok 2.0 Map: All about the new Sanhok map for PUBG PC

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PUBG Sanhok 2.0 Map is the revamped version of Sanhok map. This has many new locations and new exclusive weapons. Let's explore it through this article.

PUBG Sanhok 2.0 Map is a follow-up to the Sanhok map with some enhancements like new locations and new exclusive weapons. On July 22, 2020 Sanhok 2.0 launched as part of the season 8 update in PUBG PC. In addition to the graphical upgrade, this map also has many other noteworthy changes that lead to changes in the player’s gameplay and strategy.

PUBG Sanhok map with a new version

Specifically, Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds announced an renovated version of a PUBG map in the upcoming PUBG PC update. This map is none other than Sanhok 2.0. PUBG PC update has a very new look. At that time the name of the map was still unconfirmed, but many players were naming it Sanhok 2.0.

Soon after, PUBG Corp revealed some information on their official Twitter. They posted a gameplay trailer for Sanhok 2.0. This has revealed to the online community especially PUBG lovers a lot of things to note about the new locations in the map.

Information including a message and a video has been posted on PUBG's Twitter
Information including a message and a video has been posted on PUBG’s Twitter

PUBG PC Map: new versus old version

Sanhok is becoming a more suitable competitive map of PUBG. So how is the new PUBG Sanhok map different from the previous one? WackyJacky101, one of the most popular youtubers who has been doing a lot of analysis on PUBG updates. He published a video on his youtube channel about his feelings towards this Sanhok version. In the video a lot of comparison of new and old locations introduced in Sanhok 2.0.


Bootcamp V2 versus old Bootcamp
Bootcamp V2 versus old Bootcamp

All trenches in Bootcamp are removed. Bootcamp is having a completely new layout compared to the previous version. It has symmetrical properties, like a military base. As we can see in the above picture,the map reflects perfectly if we split into two equal parts. In addition, there is a bridge next to the river near Bootcamp. It makes it easier for players from neighboring regions to get to Bootcamp.


The old docks – Party zone

Docks are the second new locations that they reveal in the teaser. From a harbor, the Docks will be changed to a resort called Party Zone. Many people do not understand why this place appears but there is a reason behind it. Specifically, when entering the site, the player will see a party zone entrance which has many fancy glowing lights.

If you take a closer look at the large rocky mountain next to Camp Alpha there is a change. The dead-end rock banks are omitted, avoiding when the circle gets there, creating a difficult position to lose balance.


Some pictures about Ruins V2

On the west side of the map, players will find Ruins with many outstanding changes especially a forest endowed by nature. It has turned into Thai temples in the next update with completely new structures. At the end of the teaser, PUBG officials pointed to a bunch of new locations, including the Ruins map, which has been spotted by WackyJacky.

Besides, there is also much other information about the new Sanhok 2.0 Map that you can refer to WackyJacky’s video.

MG42 – an exclusive weapon of PUBG Sanhok 2.0 Map

PUBG’s Sanhok map has a new machine gun called the MG42. This gun uses 7.62 ammo with a caliber of 50 or 250 rounds. The MG42, also called as Maschinengewehr 42 – 1942 style machine gun, is a light multipurpose machine gun. In 1942 the Nazis (Wehrmacht) designed and developed this gun for the Army Armed Forces. This gun complements and in certain cases can replace the Maschinengewehr 34 multi-purpose machine gun in all services of the German Armed Forces.

MG42 – Sanhok 2.0 Exclusive weapon
MG42 – Sanhok 2.0 Exclusive weapon

PUBG Sanhok map release date

In the teaser, officials revealed that the Sanhok 2.0 map in season 8 will be released in PUBG on July 22. Until now, this PUBG PC map has been widely used.

If you are still not familiar with this updated version of PUBG Sanhok, find out more in the articles about PUBG Sanhok map guide. These articles will bring you a lot Sanhok map tips which are essential for your gameplay. If you find the article below interesting and useful, don’t forget to share it with everyone. Besides, download PUBG PC and experience it right now!

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