BGMI Gyroscope Controls: One Of The Factors That Help You Become A Winner

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BGMI gyroscope controls are one of the key factors that help you win. But this tool is not commonly used, why is that? Let's find out through this article.

BGMI gyroscope controls are considered essential, especially at a time when this game has just been released in Early Access. Accordingly, Indian players have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite survival game since the ban from the government 1 year ago. However, the operation mechanism of this game will be relatively different from the previous version. Especially the gyro, most players ignore its appearance without really understanding the features it brings.

What is a gyroscope in BGMI?

You may not know, the gyroscope is one of the features that is recommended by many professional players. They always know how to control the gyro parameters in the settings depending on the game situation. Thereby, gaining an advantage in fierce gun battles with other opponents.

Gyroscope is an important feature in BGMI
Gyroscope is an important feature in BGMI

Basically, the gyroscope helps the player to move the view on the phone up and down and side to side without using fingers placed on the screen. The gyro sensor helps players optimize screen orientation with mobile device movement. Thereby, you will have a better vision and be ready to make the most suitable battle plans.

Therefore, the gyroscope will make it easier to control the recoil and aim better than the traditional way. Although the operation of this feature is extremely simple, you will face a lot of difficulties if you want to master it.

How to turn on the gyroscope quickly

First, players can access the Settings -> Basic -> Gyro sensor. Here, you will have two main options, which is to adjust the gyroscope to be always on or only to turn it on when the viewfinder is open. Once the gyroscope is open, you will continue to adjust the sensitivity, start with low to get used to it before setting it too high.

In addition, do not forget to choose a reasonable ADS Battlegrounds Mobile India ratio to get the best shooting experience. Here are some standard ADS settings that you should refer to:

  • No Scope: 130-135%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 60-75%
  • 2x Scope: 20-25%
  • 3x Scope: 14-20%
  • 4x Scope, VSS: 20-25%
  • 6x Scope: 14-20%
  • 8x Scope: 15-20%

BGMI controls and how to use the gyroscope

BGMI beginner’s guide, we recommend you go to the gym to familiarize yourself with the gyroscope before starting to participate in official matches. The practice will help the player to make the most accurate assessment of the gyroscope’s parameters. If you are not satisfied, you can customize other parameters to feel the best.

The sensitivity of the gyroscope will vary between devices, so changes are necessary for a better game experience. Besides, trying out different types of sniper rifles is also a great way for you to feel familiar. After having a good feeling, go out and shoot in ranked matches to show your level.

Note, each gun in BGMI will have a different recoil so the gyroscope scale changed to become appropriate. It’s best to practice thoroughly with a single gun until you feel confident. In general, mastering the gyroscope will make your shots much more accurate. Good luck with your gyroscope practice and use!

Is the BGMI beginner’s guide really useful to you?

In general, using the gyroscope option will make players have a lot of trouble at first. But the effect it brings in the near future is really remarkable. That’s why we decided to dedicate this article to the BGMI beginner’s guide. They are the subjects players often pay little attention to the appearance of the gyroscope. If you have gained knowledge, or experience using the gyroscope in the international version of PUBG. Then Battlegrounds Mobile India download to your device to show it off right now. Have fun!

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