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PUBG Mobile 10.1 Update contains a lot of highlights, not only the Haven map, but also the information that paves the way for season 10. Let's check it out!

PUBG Mobile 10.1 update is available with a lot of exciting highlights. Although many gamers turn their backs and said that PUBG is a “Dead Game”, this game still constantly retains loyal players. Now PUBG has entered its season 10 with so many ups and downs. And in this new season, PUBG Corp will bring players a new and more interesting map.

What is PUBG Mobile 10.1 Update different from others?

PUBG Mobile 10.1 update brings a whole new experience to PUBG with the new map, Haven. But please note, Haven’s only goal is to ensure its own safety, because this time, the enemies will hunt you. Haven is a small urban map with a lot of buildings, under the control of the opposition Pillar. They dissatisfied with your presence in the area. Follow the dark as you wander through Haven to avoid Pillar’s Detective Helicopter and Pillar Truck to survive the night. Use the new Emergency Parachute to quickly move from rooftops to alleys, or takedown Pillar’s security guards for a treasure of items they’re defending, which contains full level 3 equipment power.

Pillar’s Guard and Truck aren’t all your worries, though. After all, this is still a War of Survival and only one can win. Whether you choose to hide or seek, Haven’s tiny and dangerous space will give you a whole new challenge in PUBG.

Hide, seek and survive!

Haven is an industrial zone in the Ohio and Rust Belt valleys of America. This is a 1×1 map, which means this is the smallest map ever. Maximum 32 players in a narrow space filled with houses, players will still have to loot survival equipment and be ready to fight at any time. We have some patch notes about PUBG Mobile Update 10.1 for you.

PUBG Mobile 10.1 Patch note contains a lot of new features, not only the Haven map but also the information that paves the way for season 10. We will find out more about the new New Survivor Pass and AI-Faction.

PUBG Mobile Patch notes Update 10.1 new map: Haven

This map includes 32 players trying to compete with each other with thrilling, dangerous creatures around. You may be killed by your enemies. They are strange creatures controlled by AI, which is called the Pillar. There are a lot of trucks, helicopters trying to hunt you down.

Not only that, you also have to face Pillar guards and commanders, which is much more dangerous than the things before. They are the Pillar Faction.

Haven is industrial map and divided in 7 areas:

  • Carbon steelworks
  • Coal Yards
  • Industrial Zone
  • Residential Zone
  • Overpass
  • Docks

On top of their vehicles, Pillar likewise has monitors positioned around the map ensuring weapon stores. These weapon stores generate arbitrarily each match and supplant the airdrops from other PUBG maps as the chief method to get Haven’s best plunder. However, you’ll need to ward off the Haven gatekeepers to get it.

New Map Haven in Patch 10.1
New Map Haven in Patch 10.1

On account of its more modest size, Haven will likewise just help 32 players in each match, and for the present is restricted to simply solo and duo matches. Much the same as large numbers of the maps that have turned out in the most recent year, Haven is the thing that PUBG calls an seasonal map, which implies that it will leave the game after season 10 closures.

How are the matches working?

With the updates in PUBG Mobile 10.1 patch notes on December 16th, the matches is under these rules:

  • Haven map is only available in Season 10.
  • TPP & FPP.
  • There are 32 players per match.
  • There are no bots acting as players.
  • Double mode(Duo) or 1 on two (1-man-duo).
  • Match length is shorter than on other maps. You will earn about 70% of the BP compared to a full-length match on other maps.
  • Your stats will not be recorded in the Career tab.

PUBG Update 10.1 brings AI Soldiers and Emergency Parachute

These are the units: With the PUBG Update 10.1, another group becomes an integral factor. As you definitely realize they are considered Pillar and gatekeeper the city of Haven. In addition to the fact that they drive through the roads in a truck or fly in a helicopter, yet they likewise please foot. There are two distinct kinds of infantry: These AI officers are gently equipped and watch certain regions on the map.

PUBG Update 10.1 Pillar Guard

Pillar Commander: as opposed to the gatekeepers, the authorities are vigorously equipped and monitor enormous plunder supplies and high plunder territories in Haven.

PUBG Update 10.1 Pillar Commander

This heap of plunder from the Pillar unit replaces the old airdrop. To open them, you need a store key that you get from executed Pillar officers. Notwithstanding, when the Commander has been opened, everything players can get to the substance.

PUBG Pillar Cache
PUBG Pillar Cache

Eye in the sky

So how about we get to the counter camper mechanics and what makes Haven so uncommon notwithstanding its setting: The driving and flying AI, which is proclaimed as a huge danger in the PUBG Update 10.1 fix notes.

Pillar helicopter

This helicopter monitors the sky and flies watch all over Haven. On the off chance that it finds you in an open region, he will coordinate his focus on you. Presently your position will be given to the truck which will at that point advance toward you. What sucks, significantly more, is that different players presently know where you are covering up.

PUBG Haven Helicopter Update
PUBG Haven Helicopter Update

Pillar Tactical

This shielded beast shoots whatever moves. He can likewise speak with the other Pillar units and subsequently calls for fortifications. Incidentally, you can’t obliterate the Tactical. That implies you need to run and most significant not stow away in light of the fact that the tank drives each mouse out of its concealing spot with firebombs.

The parachute

Obviously, there is a parachute toward the beginning, or else you will hit the ground and burst like an overripe watermelon. Since now there are parachutes that you can plunder. These empower you to bounce off the roofs.

PUBG Update 10.1: This is What the Patch Notes for Season 10 Break Through

Survivor Pass

Breakthrough has all the stuff you require to assume the mean roads of Haven. Highlighting cool new looks dependent on legend characters and even the new adversary group, you’ll have a lot of extraordinary awards to open as you battle your way through each of the 100 degrees of the pass. Advancement endures around 3 months, so begin early and guarantee all your magnificent new rewards!

  • Breakthrough starts December 16, an endless supply of live worker upkeep.
  • The pass closes on March 24 at 11am KST and you’ll have until upkeep on March 31st to guarantee any pass rewards.
  • Murder missions might be finished when you get a slaughter during the match, not simply from helping with an execute credited to another player.
  • Aggregated executes or helps accomplished during a match will be reflected in the slaughter or help missions.

PUBG Update 10.1 Prizes and Rewards

The last season is complete and the prizes will be parted with the following time you sign in. You can peruse what these prizes are here!

PUBG Season 10 Ranked
PUBG Season 10 Ranked

Something else, the principles for PUBG Season 10 continue as before. You need to play five matches to get a passage level. This rank ascent or falls relying upon how well you do in the accompanying rounds. Additionally known are the prizes that you can get toward the finish of the period:

  • Skin for Mirado: Mirado is considered one of the fastest vehicles. With a grey color, it will make you excited when you find it!
  • Skin for parachute: When you are in an emergency, you can use your parachute to land safely. This new skin is yellow with explosive fire and has the number 10 printed on it. It’s a brilliant prize that every player wants to get. Let’s play to get this skin!
  • Emblems: Depend on the rank players got, they have different emblems. The top 500 players additionally get a comparing identification that shows everybody their badge. Adversary players will see your emblems at whatever point you execute them in a battle.

That is it with the PUBG Update 10.1 Patch Notes or if nothing else the main stuff. For all the other things, click here!

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