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PUBG Mobile 2.0 is an updated version that brings a lot of new things. This version is officially available for you to discover features like never before!

PUBG Mobile 2.0 was released on May 11, 2022 and officially became the latest version. It brings a ton of unique additions and improvements that any fan doesn’t want to miss. These new points can change your survival experience on many maps and many typical modes.

Basically, the game’s updates are implemented in many aspects, including in maps, weapons, vehicles, and more. Besides, there will be new features such as gun customization or a completely new pickup feature. Let’s explore more about them in this article.

Main updates in PUBG Mobile 2.0 patch notes

Upgrades and improvements in some featured maps

In this updated version, the game has improved some maps, typically the classic Livik. Now, all urban areas on the map look fresh and more modern. All construction structure and display quality of famous places have been upgraded. So this map will soon become a favorite battlefield location for many gamers.

You can find new map updates in the 2.0 version
You can find new map updates in the 2.0 version

Besides bringing a new perspective, map updates can also change the player’s strategy. Different battlefield terrain means you can deploy new strategies for hiding, attacking, raiding and more. You also have the opportunity to admire the new color and temperament of every landscape on the map.

In addition to the Livik map, the game also adds some random upgrade zones on many other maps. When entering the match, a yellow upgrade area will appear on the map. This area has a lot of supplies, so it will attract early battles between many players. If you love competition, come here and take what’s yours!

Some new features first appeared in PUBG Mobile 2.0

Emergency Pickup: This is the newest and perhaps hottest feature in PUBG Mobile 2.0 update release date. It helps you and your teammates to move to another location by plane. You can find this item in both ranked and unranked modes. But you should learn how to use and implement it because everything is quite new to approach.

Recall Tower: This feature will be available in Duo or Squad mode, helping you to recall dead allies. This will help you change the game situation. Do not be discouraged when you are alone in the battle. Since your allies can now return again from the Summoning Tower, as long as you know how to do it for them.

Airdrop Marker: A special aircraft with abundant supplies will appear randomly during the match. If you can find the location of the airdrop, you will have everything you need for a long survival match. But please be wary because everyone also wants this.

Wide range of customized vehicles and weapons

The vehicle and weapon system also has many new points in this PUBG Mobile update. Specifically, the game brings a new car model for you to try in the Livik map in all modes, which is UTV.

It is an off-road vehicle made from steel with high endurance and low fire hazard. However, it does not have a screen so you can be in danger while driving it. So it will be useful for you to move on open ground where there are few enemies or you can easily redirect to defense.

Many PUBG guns and vehicles have been improved
Many PUBG guns and vehicles have been improved

Regarding weapons, in this update, you can use the exclusive XT upgrade crate to upgrade some weapons. This only applies to the Livik map and some special weapons only. It includes the AKM, M416, P90, MK12, and M24 guns. Upgrading the gun will help improve stats like fire rate, damage, range and more.

Besides, the game has some customizations for some pistols, which are:

  • Increase shotgun hit damage ratio from 0.9 to 1.05 when shooting at body and from 1.25 to 1.5 when shooting headshot.
  • Improve the speed of S1897.
  • Improve Sawed-off gun base damage.
  • Expand the capacity of the S12K’s magazine.

Some attractive minigames for multiplayer

In PUBG Mobile 2 download, gamers also have the opportunity to test many interesting mini-games that have never had before. These games will help you relax or engage to gain an advantage in the long battle for survival. Each game comes with attractive bonuses that you cannot miss.

Wild Berries: You can eat wild berries to increase energy and recovery. This helps you to survive longer on the battlefield, especially when you are outside the Blue Zone.

Football: The game has provided a special small football field where you can test your soccer skills. Just aim and click to shoot the ball and score. If you win, you will get a token reward. It is quite easy to play and accessible to any player.

Zipline: This is a zip device that helps you escape through the platform on the other side. Take advantage of it to escape the siege of the enemy or when you are outside the Blue Zone and quite far from the center!

Random Crates and Treasure Maps: On the treasure map, you can locate the supply crates. This is a way for you to find a bunch of random gear and items on the map faster. Thanks to that, you will have a better advantage over other players in this battle for survival.

Besides the above updates and additions, PUBG Mobile 2.0 has many other new points. It brings a new ranked season with tier rule adjustments and season rewards. Besides, the game has fixed bugs and improved graphics quality, providing a more complete experience. So don’t miss your chance to update this version of your PUBG Mobile game!

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