What You Need To Know About PUBG Mobile Titans Last Stand Mode

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PUBG Mobile Titans Last Stand is where you will participate in a battle with giant monsters. Use your weapons and experience to help Godzilla x Kong.

PUBG Mobile Titans Last Stand is a new mode that marks the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Godzilla x Kong. It was just launched on May 25, 2021 and is only available until June 8, 2021. This is one of the highlights of this year’s PUBG game, promising to bring many surprises. If you don’t know it yet, let us introduce it to you now. We will also provide how to download it and some PUBG Mobile tips and tricks.

The birth of PUBG Mobile Titans Last Stand

For longtime gamers of PUBG Mobile update, it will be no stranger to weekly events or monthly events. However, you may not be aware of a new and unique event that has just appeared not so long ago. That is PUBG Mobile Titans Last Stand.

PUBG Mobile's most outstanding event in 2021
PUBG Mobile’s most outstanding event in 2021

This is the most outstanding event in 2021 that you should not miss. Currently, it is available in PUBG Mobile version 1.5 for free download in your game. So what does it have? We will tell you now.

The fiercest battle

Unlike previous events, Titans Last Stand brings the most dramatic battles between Godzilla with Kong and Mechagodzilla. When participating in it, your mission is to assist Godzilla with Kong in defeating the giant variant beast. This may not seem like a war for humans, but the most advanced weapons will support you.

The starting point starts on a warship and you need to quickly loot the necessary items before the battle begins. A variety of advanced weapons and armor, first aid boxes, ammo, scopes … will be useful tools for you. Once you have the essentials in your backpack, prepare yourself for a war in the drone. Let’s aim properly at Mechagodzilla’s weak points.

How to download PUBG Mobile Titans Last Stand?

Guides to download and play PUBG Mobile Titans Last Stand
Guides to download and play PUBG Mobile Titans Last Stand

Before downloading, you need to make sure you have about 1GB of free memory. Then follow these steps:

  • Go to the game and log in to your account.
  • Go to “Settings” and find the “Download” section at the bottom.
  • In the “Map” tab, you can see the range of events available here. Look for Titans Last Stand and click “Download”.
  • Wait a while for the download to complete.
  • Go to the “Events” section and you can see the Titans Last Stand event in the “Themed” tab.
  • Just click “Go” and you will go straight to the battle.

As you can see, it is not too difficult to download and play PUBG Mobile Titans Last Stand. But this is a new and challenging game mode, practice often to master. In addition, some other attractive modes are also available for download. If you like, follow the steps above and search for the mode you like.

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