PUBG Season 10 Map Update With Deathly Pillars Are Going To Chase You Down!

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PUBG Season 10 Map is adding a brand new map with deadly Pillars! Let's battle with the enemies on an industrial island in PUBG Season 10 Update release!

PUBG Season 10 Map is adding a brand new map with deadly Pillars! What is the most enjoyable thing to spend your time on at Christmas? It is battling the enemies on an industrial island in PUBG! Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Season 10 is released after the PUBG Season 9 on 16th December. It will have players shooting on a 32-player map, the urban isle of Haven, which is really exciting!

PUBG Season 10 Add Characters HD
PUBG Season 10 Add Characters HD

PUBG Season 10 is fast approaching and offering an entirely new gameplay elements that didn’t exist before in BattleGrounds.

What are the new features of PUBG Season 10 Map?

There’s a major crane, a few plants, and a few trucks, all covered in a haze of thick grey clouds.

Krafton states that Haven will likewise develop players’ gameplay experience. They’ve presented a lot of AI-controlled creatures called ‘The Pillar’ who wander around the map trying to hunt you down.

The Pillar guard high-tier loot caches. They are also really strong. But if you are able to figure out how to take them out, you’ll get some incredible powerful points. These Pillars invest their energy laying hold of trucks and helicopters to search you out and get your death. They’re a steady bundle, which is the reason there’s another parachute that allows you to jump off tall structures and become safe.

Haven is a thrilling map that you must try!
Haven is a thrilling map that you must try!

Tips to get survive and become a winner in PUBG Mobile season 10

Players will confront each other on dense streets and rooftops. These refuge locations are not safe at all. Players will face a new threat in matches: the Pillar. This Pillar gang has heavy-gun, and they are not pleased by your presence in their area. You need to dodge Pillar’s detective helicopter, which is used to track and spot survivors from the air. Those unlucky people spotted by light must move quickly to avoid the approaching Pillar trucks, quickly eliminate your targets with bullets and payload. In the end, players will be confronted with Pillar’s Guard and Commanders. These soldiers are equipped with extremely damaged guns. But the player who defeats them can get powerful equipment in the storage that they keep.

Ideal places in Haven that you can utilize

Haven is a dense 1 × 1 urban map and allows up to 32 players to play at a time in Duo or 1 on 2 modes.

Carbon steelworks: The high-rise building is located in the center of the map. Capture the peak for a prime location for a better view.

Coal Yards: Located in the East of Haven, this wasteland is a trash complex that holds coal, cranes and industrial lighting systems. Although coal fields do not have many advantageous locations, there are some good locations for you to land.

Industrial Zone: Far north of Haven is a series of factories and foundries. Although all are abandoned, these structures are very sheltered and can make great sniping locations.

Residential Zone: You see mostly dense tall buildings and crowded streets here. Players will have to fight through apartments and terraces in this high-risk area. There are a lot of risks, but the rewards are enormous.

Overpass: Running across the center of Haven, Overpass provides a convenient location and access to the rooftop. The Flyover can even shield players from Pillar’s Reconnaissance Helicopter, but you should be cautious all the time around helicopters.

Docks: Located to the East, a well-lit docks not only provides hiding places for players but also helps them navigate through the use of barges.

Things that make Haven in PUBG Season 10 Map interesting

Haven is a map that only appeared in Season 10. You can complete Mystery, Survivor Pass and BattleStat progress in Haven, but your stats will not be recorded in the Career tab.

Pillar Guard and Pillar Commander: Pillar, a gang that makes a brand new game element, never appeared in the current Battlegrounds. Guards and Commanders are enemy forces. They protect certain areas of the map.

Pillar supply caches: The player can obtain the supply storage keys from the Commanders after defeating them. After the caches are opened, all players can access and steal the treasure.

Pillar’s Detective Helicopter: Helicopters flew all over the Haven sky, spotting players in open space. The Pillar Tactical Team will follow the spotlights of the helicopter and attack nearby opponents.

Pillar Armored Truck: This fearsome vehicle will wander around Haven and attack any player. The Pillar Armored Truck cannot be destroyed. So if you meet it, don’t try to resist and run. This giant monster can even fire rockets to attack players hiding right in front of them.

The Pillar Armored Truck can communicate with other Pillar units, answer support calls and participate in skirmishes and it only appears in Haven.

Emergency Parachute: You can find Emergency Parachutes everywhere in Haven. You can use them to quickly jump to the ground from points of injuries caused by falls. Don’t forget to pop the parachute when performing a thrilling escape on the rooftop. This is a single-use item that you can place in the inventory’s belt slots and only appears in Haven.Now you can experience the Haven map in PUBG Season 10 update 10.1 on Test Server. After the experience and maintenance are complete, Update 10.1 Patch notes will be available on December 16.

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