What Are Top 5 Survival Games Like PUBG Mobile Lite For Android 2GB Ram Devices?

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Top 5 battle royal games like PUBG Mobile Lite to spend your time on! Players need to join in survival battles and fight against their enemies to alive!

Top 5 battle royal games are waiting for you to play! PUBG Mobile Lite is a packed-adventure action game, in which 60 players are dropped on an island and kill enemies to become the last survivors. Players can choose solo or duo mode depending on their hobby.

PUBG Mobile Lite is targeted for being playable for low-end devices. Players with less than 2 GB RAM Android device can likewise evaluate the accompanying games like PUBG Mobile Lite. We will give you the best games like PUBG Mobile below:

Cyber Fire is a Battle Royale and Shooting game that is completely free!

Cyber Fire is one of the shooting games
Cyber Fire is one of the shooting games

Players who play PUBG Mobile Lite will really like this game title, which features pixelated graphics and block-like characters. The battle royale game is interesting because of its simple controls and an auto-shooting feature that is ideal for beginners.

The game gives players the selection to pick up a character which was equipped with a unique ability. Players who want their characters to stand out, can purchase skins and change the skin of their character any time.

ScarFall: The Royale Combat with ultimate battles!

The Royale Combat is released by India company
The Royale Combat is released by India company

ScarFall is an online shooting game with a lot of exciting challenges. It rapidly became popular to other battle royale games in mobile gaming. The title has more than 1,000,000 downloads and a rating of 4.1/5 stars on the Google Play Store.

In ScarFall, players can utilize different vehicles to transfer from one to another place. ScarFall: The Royale Combat additionally has a decent assortment of guns that players can use to kill opponents and defend themselves.

Top 5 battle royal games – Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

One of the best shooting games suitable for low-end devices
One of the best shooting games suitable for low-end devices

This title is outstanding amongst other shooting match-ups that are suitable for low-end Android devices. Just like PUBG Mobile Lite, your duty is to lead the battle and become the best shooter in the game.

Players need to play out the part of a team leader, who take responsibility for fighting against terrorists. Gamers can download the game freely. It total rating is 4.5/5 stars on the Google Play Store.

Battlefield Royale – The One is an attractive game in top 5 survival games

This game requires a wide range of equipments
This game requires a wide range of equipments

The final target of this game is to become the last survivor among many players in this game just like PUBG Mobile Lite. In this game, there are 60 players who take part in a battle royale match.

The game provides more than 50 characters for you to choose. Players will appreciate the single-weapon mode where they engage among themselves utilizing one weapon. A wide range of equipment, such as grenade, skills, body skills, firearms, organ traps,… are all for your choice.

Battle Royale: FPS Shooter – Fight for your life in top 5 battle royal games

A dynamic battle royale game
A dynamic battle royale game

Other games like PUBG Mobile Lite is Battle Royale: FPS Shooter. This battle royale game is gonna give you a great shooting and adventurous survival experience. Battle Royale: FPS Shooter has simple controls and straightforward interactivity. It is most appropriate for novices.

Players can access more than 30 unique weapons to battle foes. They can likewise utilize various skins to stand out of the vibe of their characters. You must fight for your life on a dead island with other players until the last survivor stays.

Above are the five best royal games for Android mobile which has less than 2GB of RAM. If you want to play more survival games for low profile PC, check out more information! PUBG news usually updates in our articles. Let’s invite your friends to join you!

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