The Privacy Policy is important for users to understand what we do with their personal information. It will be useful for our analysis to improve this site.

The Privacy Policy will tell you what information about you we will and will not collect on the PUBG online website. It also tells you what we will do with your personal data to the permitted extent. Rest assured that this will not affect your information and experience. It also helps us improve the way we work to deliver a better experience for you.

Why do we need a Privacy Policy?

Our goal is to build a fun playground for all players around the world. Therefore, we always have a need to improve our website to provide a more and more perfect experience. We do this in a variety of ways, including collecting and analyzing data from users. However, we always do this to the extent by law. Therefore, we need a privacy policy for users to understand what we do. You can learn more about PUBG online by visiting “About us”.

We only collect the information necessary for the analysis. We also restrict the access of the user to personal information. Because we only allow necessary employees or website operators to have access to the system. This will help ensure the security of information for everyone. We will not use it for any purpose other than to manage and upgrade the system.

PUBG PC New Feature
PUBG PC New Feature

What information will we collect from users?

When you register an account on the PUBG online website, you provide information to us. Based on this, we will collect certain information from you and use it for data analysis. It is the following information:

  • Email address, Facebook address, display name, avatar … and other information that you used to register for an account.
  • Device ID, User ID, PUBG game you played, playing time, gameplay and results …
  • Ad impressions you clicked on, number of times you clicked to download files from the website…
  • Your personal information from third parties may also be collected. It includes your Facebook profile and the public posts.

What does our privacy policy allow to do with your information?

The information obtained from user data will use for meaningful purposes. As follows:

To track users’ gaming behavior to predict and analyze their preferences. This gives us have more relevant view with the needs of our players, thereby change our information.

To respond to player inquiries regarding matters related to their personal information. For example, you forgot your password or lost your account, we can help you get it back based on the database in the system. But you need to contact us through

For advertising purposes. We may track your ad click behavior to recommend suitable ads. After all, this also towards your needs, and it is also beneficial to facilitate our growth.

To detect and prevent violations of the personal data of others. This is to protect all users of our website. To know more about user rights, you can visit the Terms of Use of PUBG online.

How do we collect data?

Cookies are a great tool for managing websites and collecting data from users. We have used it for the purpose we stated above. It is used to store logs of users when they use their computer or browser to visit our website. However, it only works when the user is active on the site. Until you close your browser, cookies will stop keeping logs.

You can edit your personal information

You can access your account to customize your personal information. At the same time, you also have many methods to access, manage, customize and delete the information we have collected. We do not limit the access of the user to their data system. That means what concerns you, you always have the right to them.