Deston PUBG 18.2 And Its Official Release Date Announced From Krafton

PUBG Update Thu Jul 7

Deston PUBG 18.2 appears in the latest trailer in the announcement from PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. It can become the hottest battlefield location when coming out.

Deston PUBG 18.2 is expected to be available in 2022. It is a new map and is the ninth map in PUBG’s map list. It brings new things that have never been seen before and promises to cause a fever right at the time of launch.

Currently, we do not know the official release date of the Deston map. But a trailer has been posted on the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS account that will help us know a lot. So, let’s analyze this trailer and see what it has to offer!

Deston – A new update in PUBG 18.2

PUBG Battlegrounds has long been the most popular video game worldwide. It has had dozens of updates to enhance the gamer’s experience. And soon, it will have a new import, called 18.2 version. This update will come with great improvements and additions, including the Deston map.

This map used to be Kiki, an 8×8 map. Publisher Krafton has been talking about this map project for a long time and said that it will be available in late 2021 or early 2022. However, according to the latest information, it will be available in update 18.2 version coming this June.

The outstanding features of Deston map

With more time than expected, we can expect the best map ever in Deston. According to the trailer from the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS home page, it appears to be a modern map. This map will include a series of unique locations from hidden underground laboratories to swamps and giant skyscrapers.

Deston will be a hot map in the 18.2 version
Deston will be a hot map in the 18.2 version

Moreover, it has other areas including subway and underwater buildings. These works contribute to creating a modern and high-class city, promising to bring fierce and tactical survival battles. That’s why Deston has attracted a lot of support from fans after the latest PUBG news.

In particular, the Deston map will own high-quality display graphics. It has 3D graphics, so it gives realistic and sharp images. The sound is equally great with the eye-catching explosions and amazing engine sounds that we can recognize from the trailer. So it can bring many new modern vehicles.

As soon as we receive notice about PUBG 18.2 release date, we will update related articles on our website. And Deston PUBG 18.2 will be the main character in these articles. It will tell you more about the structure, terrain and prominent places on this map. Moreover, we can suggest new strategies for you to conquer it.

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