PUBG Mobile 1.5 New Features And Information Related To This Updated Version

PUBG Update Wed Jun 30

PUBG Mobile 1.5 new features promise to bring players even better experiences than version 1.4 was released not too long ago. Let's find out with us now.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 new features have been released in beta form. Accordingly, players can experience all the best things about this version easily. Although version 1.4 was just released a few months ago, the publisher has updated the 1.5 beta version with really great features. If you want to learn more information about PUBG Mobile beta 1.5 patch notes, continue to refer to this article. We will list the features that are coming in the next version.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 release date and things you need to know

Like most beta versions before, players need to have a referral code or a binding code to be able to experience it first. You may not know, before releasing any official version, publishers will release a beta version for players to experience first. After that, the number of players who prioritize the experience will give objective evaluations so that the publisher can optimize before the official update.

Accordingly, PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta version was launched with a series of extremely attractive new features. Typically, the transit system, new weapons, new game modes, … Besides, players can also download PUBG Mobile 1.5 APK. Thereby, become one of the first to experience this latest version. Note, PUBG Mobile 1.5 has not yet set an official global release date, so you need to wait a little longer.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 new interesting features

Here are some new features in PUBG Mobile 1.5 update. Keep in mind that they’re still in beta and there are still some errors in them.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 brings many unique experiences
PUBG Mobile 1.5 brings many unique experiences

Matrix arena mode integrated

Matrix Arena mode on Erangel map is one of the modes that players have been waiting for a long time. Basically, the player will come to the Erangel map but is set in the future. Specially, everything in this map is fully automatic. So the way of survival will also change from the original.

Here, you will experience new vehicles and weapons. For example, Tactical Telescope, Hyperlines, Anti-Gravity Motorcycle, Riot Shield, or General Guardian Robot. Each object and event in Matrix Arena mode will have different functions. You should try downloading the PUBG Mobile 1.5 version to find out for yourself to get the best overview.

Additional weapon MG3

MG3 is a great replacement for LMG M249. Because this weapon will disappear in the upcoming 1.5 version to make room for its juniors. Accordingly, the weapons launched in the new phase will possess superior power compared to the old generation weapons. For instance, the MG3 offers two shooting modes, 660rmp and 990rmp.

This allows players to easily change the fit in each battle situation. Note, in 990rmp mode, the MG3 will own the highest rate of fire in this game. We firmly believe that this new weapon will quickly become a “trend” and more popular in the near future.

Gameplay update

Not only bringing new features, but PUBG Mobile 1.5 version also has some useful updates in terms of gameplay. Typical:

  • Players can freely throw items, such as energy drinks to reduce the capacity of the backpack.
  • Owns low HP alert system, extremely intuitive reload alert.
  • Having the ability to automatically jump, the character will automatically move to the position previously marked by the player.
  • Improved sound and image quality to make the game more realistic.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 is a powerful update

Up to now, PUBG Mobile publisher has released PUBG Mobile update for users to try out new features before the global version. The beta is open to all players so they can experience the latest features. Then give sincere suggestions for the publisher to improve in the near future. So, what are you waiting for without trying the PUBG Mobile 1.5 new features? We believe that the beta version will not let you down.

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