DBS PUBG Gun – The Most Powerful Shotgun in PUBG

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DBS PUBG gun is considered the most dangerous shotgun in PUBG. This gun is suitable for close range battles with great accuracy. Now let's check it out!

DBS PUBG gun is considered one of the best PUBG guns in PUBG. Until now, shotgun is a gun that quite a few players use because of its difficulty. However, in this PUBG update, Tencent has brought us one of the most destructive shotgun weapons. Some people love this weapon while others are not satisfied when they are faced with danger to obtain it. Accordingly, the player can only find it in the airdrop. Right now, let’s find out what is special about this gun but many people hailed it up!

New airdrop weapon - DBS
New airdrop weapon – DBS

DBS PUBG Shotgun Guide

DBS is a shotgun that only appears in the airdrop. This gun can be fired twice as fast as the S686. Moreover, it has the 2nd highest damage among the shotguns. Gamers love DBS because it has the best spread among shotguns. Even DBS does not need any accessories.

Although it is a shotgun, the DBS damage range has a radius of up to 15 meters. You can attach a variety of scopes to this gun, except for 8x. DBS magazine has a maximum of 14 bullets. In close proximity, the DBS is an extremely dangerous weapon. With just 2 accurate shots, you will be able to take down any player, even if the opponent has 3 armor. However, for longer distances, using DBS is not a good option.

BDS - Best weapon for high damage at close range
BDS – Best weapon for high damage at close range

Pros and cons of DBS PUBG gun, the most dangerous shotgun


As a powerful in-game shotgun, DBS can finish off players at close range easily. This is understandable since the accuracy of DBS is the same when you shoot hip-fire or ADS. Accordingly, the player can run, jump, rotate and shoot at the same time with amazing accuracy. This is a huge advantage for players who want to “push” and finish the translator quickly.


The first weakness of DBS is that it only appears in the airdrop. Therefore, it is very difficult to loot it, and not all airdrops appear. Unless you are an airdrop hunter, you will not be able to possess this weapon.

Second, DBS will decrease its effectiveness if you shoot at more than 15m. Accordingly, you will have to take 3-4 shots to kill the enemy. This takes a lot of time and you won’t be able to survive against SMG and AR unless they shoot too badly.

All PUBG maps are huge, and most battles happen in medium range. This is not the ideal range for using DBS as a weapon. Especially if you play in Miramar – a map where the battle has to be fought from afar, DBS will bring you a lot of disadvantages.

Best use of DBS

To be able to use DBS, you first need to refer to master this gun. If you love close-range battles, this gun is the perfect choice. The accuracy of the DBS is very high, so you can run, jump and shoot without fear of slipping. This is also a great advantage that will surprise the enemy. However, you still need an AR or DMR to cover and fight at a long distance, this is even more important if you miss or run out of DBS ammo.

Besides, this gun will be much more effective in a squad or duo as your team can handle long range attacks. However, if you like sniping or solo shooting then DBS is not the weapon for you.

To be able to experience this BDS gun as well as other PUBG weapons, you first need to download this battle royale game through the articles about PUBG download. Don’t forget to update the latest PUBG news and PUBG upgraded version to have perfect gameplay!

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